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UKRAiNATV is an experimental, collective and cross-sectoral project in the field of media culture. It deals with new relational strategies and new HYBRiD production forms in the field of hybrid PRESENCE. It’s an Internet TV station specialized in building live audiovisual bridges, a multi-channel streaming hub, recording studio and glocal network, all at once. And last but not least a group of people…

UKRAiNATV is an open collective, crew of artists, media freaks, activists, researchers, musicians and djs from Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Italy and multiple other countries – persons in-needs, refugees, nomadic artists, techno freaks, expats and migrants that do not feel safe to express themselves freely in their own country or states (taking this term in all meanings) and who are finding new opportunities in these experimental frames.

UKRAiNATV is experimenting with tactical media and realities, mixing used and brand new equipment and concepts, creating one-off blends of the real and the virtual, online and offline. It is a GLOCAL, hybrid and collective melting pot of people, machines, ideas, identities and signals that we mix in real time and send all around the world from our base at #StreamArtStudio, an interactive TELEViSION projected for the future (which is in fact our presence).

UKRAiNATV operates in the shadow of WAR and geopolitical tensions. But what we try to achieve is to build up SOLIDARITY, EMPATHETIC and SAFE SPACE-TIME for endangered minorities, avatars and colorful freaks from our intergalactic glocality.
We are here – on the Internet – and here – in Krakow, Poland, Central Europe – in the hot-spot of geopolitical tensions between West and East, the Nord and the South – mixing PRESENCE, present, past & future – our private and intimate testimonials and social, political and cultural contexts.

UKRAiNATV is also a hub for transitions – transnational, transmedial, transdisciplinary and transcultural, off-line and on-line, connections with OTHERS. We build up media-bridges, test and invent tools for hybrid TOGETHERNESS. We link our activities with parallel practices all around the world collaborating with people, collectives and institutions, for example in Kyiv, Amsterdam, Vancouver, Milano, Warsawa, Nancy and many, many other cities.

UKRAiNATV was born a few days after the 24th of February 2022, at the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, when full scale war began. We have started our daily activity – production of the footage testimonies of that time, connecting people in Ukraine, Krakow and all around the world, doing weekly live-streams and organizing basic support during this humanitarian crisis.

And lastly, UKRAiNATV is also fragile and unstable, just like our times are. It is an artistic, social, political and research-based project in one. We are arguably one of the poorest television networks in the world – and among the most experimental ones.

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